Test LDAP service

One of the first integration tasks undertaken on a new repository installation is to plug it in to the local authentication system. More often than not this is LDAP. It allows users to use their usual local username and password in the repository rather than having to remember another password. LDAP services can be provided by a Microsoft Active Directory (run by most institutions who have Microsoft desktop systems) or dedicated LDAP (e.g. OpenLDAP) service.

One thing I’ve noticed with the DSpace testathons is that often LDAP does not get tested because many of the developers do not have access to an LDAP system – for example in DSpace 1.5 LDAP authentication does not work with Manakin or SWORD. (I have fixed both in the upcoming 1.5.1 though 🙂 ). With this in mind, and because I have to teach a DSpace technical course in 4 days time where we’ll be covering LDAP configuration, I’ve created an open LDAP server which can be used for testing and training.


  • ldap.provider_url = ldap://ldap.testathon.net:389/
  • ldap.id_field = cn
  • ldap.object_context = OU=users,DC=testathon,DC=net
  • ldap.search_context = OU=users,DC=testathon,DC=net
  • ldap.email_field = mail
  • ldap.surname_field = sn
  • ldap.givenname_field = givenName
  • ldap.phone_field = telephoneNumber

Users and their passwords are:

  • stuart / stuart
  • john / john
  • carol / carol

Each user has a full name (Stuart Lewis / John Smith / Carol Jones), a telephone number and email address so should be fully functional.

If you make use of this server, please drop me a line or leave a comment so I know. Otherwise it might get turned off…!mobi game

204 thoughts on “Test LDAP service

  1. Satya

    Is this service still up and running?

    i tried to authenticate as john/john against ldap:ldap.testathon.net:389 with user search base OU=users,DC=testathon,DC=net

    but i got [LDAP: error code 34 – invalid DN]

    can you please advise?

  2. ganesh


    We are trying to incorporate your LDAP server for testing purpose, please enable/up the server.

  3. Kingsley

    Hi Stuart,
    Just checking to know if this test server is up as I am unable to bind to the LDAP server. If no, I’d appreciate if you could you bring it back up for testing purpose.

    Many thanks!

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