Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Microsoft SWORD announcements

It has been very encouraging to see two announcements within the last 24 hours from Microsoft regarding SWORD:

The first came in the form of an email from Lee Dirks to the American Scientist Open Access Forum. In the email Lee says:

Microsoft Research and arXiv.org have been working closely on the adoption/utilization of the SWORD protocol and arXiv.org already has a preliminary service up and running.   I would encourage you to follow-up directly with Simeon and Paul for additional detail, but I think the bulk of the work is largely done.

In an important related point, I would like to add that we (Microsoft Research) is actively working on the ability to push from Word 2007 directly to repositories that can consume the SWORD protocol.

And in the second, a blog posting by Microsoft’s Pablo Fernicola gives details of the alpha preview of the Microsoft eJournal Service  (a hosted eJournal management system). In it he writes:

The service is open to all file formats, article submissions can be of any format, as configured as part of the site settings.  On the archival side, the service supports depositing into any Information Repository that uses the SWORD protocol (for example, the ArXiv repository and EPrints based IRs).

These are both encouraging developments for repository interoperability.microhack