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Would iTunes make a good journal article repository?

I’ve just read a few blog and news posts (none from the repository-worlde) about a paper published in The American Journal of Roentgenology (I had to look it up too! “Radiology employing x-rays”). The paper is entitled ‘An Easy and Effective Approach to Manage Radiologic Portable Document Format (PDF) Files Using iTunes‘ and talks about how radiologists in Shanghai’s Renji Hospital and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine have used iTunes to store and manage PDF files containing radiological documents.

+ =  ?

The abstract says:

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this article is to explain an easy and effective approach for managing radiologic files in portable document format (PDF) using iTunes.

CONCLUSION: PDF files are widely used as a standard file format for electronic publications as well as for medical online documents. Unfortunately, there is a lack of powerful software to manage numerous PDF documents. In this article, we explain how to use the hidden function of iTunes (Apple Computer) to manage PDF documents as easily as managing music files.

Apparently (I’ve not actually read it as it costs $10 🙁 ) it talks about using the in-built features of iTunes such as tagging items with keywords, and rating items with stars. Since many of us use iTunes everyday to manage our music and iPods, could this make a useful software tool for personal repositories?

(There is a useful page about using PDFs in iTunes at http://lifehacker.com/software/pdf/geek-to-live–organize-your-pdf-library-with-itunes-240447.php)site