How the West was won – 12 repositories for Wales

Last week, on the 19th January 2009 we held the launch event of the ‘Welsh Repository Network‘. It was a project funded by the JISC in their ‘Start-Up & Enhancement‘ stream and run in association with WHELF (the Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum) to create a network of twelve repositories across Wales – one repository for each higher education institution. We have been rolling these out over the past two years, and this process is now complete! 🙂

The twelve repositories are at:

Another very useful output from the project is a set of twelve case studies detailing the hardware purchased by each university to run their repository, and the rationale behind the decisions. There are a wide variety of universities in Wales in terms of size and profile, so hopefully these will be useful to other people. The case studies can be downloaded from

The launch event was held in the Drwm at the National Library of Wales. The day started with interesting talks by Glen Robson and Dan Field who are repository programmers at the National Library of Wales about some of their current projects. These were followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the library, and lunch. The afternoon consisted of a launch speech about ‘The importance of the WRN to Wales’ given by the Librarian of the National Library, Andrew Green. This was followed by a talk entitled ‘Institutional Repositories: Essential tools for the modern research environment’ given by Professor Lyn Pykett the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research at Aberystwyth University. Next up was Dr. Andrew Prescott the manager of Library Services at the University of Wales Lampeter who spoke about ‘Repositories and University Information Services’. Finally the presentations were concluded with a talk by the third Andrew of the day, Andrew McGregor, programme manager from JISC on ‘Looking to the future: The impact of the Start-Up & Enhancement (SUE) Projects’.

Finally an official press release is available (in English or Welsh), as is paper detailing the process taken over the past couple of years to get to this position is available:

Lewis, S., Payne, H., How the West was won, ALISS Quarterly, ISSN 1747-9258, Vol 4, no. 2, pp 18-23 (

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