SWORD PHP Library version 0.7 released

I have just released version 0.7 of the SWORD PHP library. It can be downloaded from http://php.swordapp.org/

This latest version adds two new features:

To show how easy it is to use the library, see the following code which requests a service document, creates a package, and then deposits it:

// Import the library

// Create an instance of the client
$sac = new SWORDAPPClient();

// Request a service document
$sdr = $sac->servicedocument($url, $user, $password, $onbehalfof);

// Import the packager library

// Create a new package with the root and directory of the input files, and the root and directory of the package
$package = new PackagerMetsSwap($rootin, $dirin, $rootout, $fileout);

// Add metadata to the package
foreach ($creators as $creator) {

// Add a file to the package
$package->addFile($filename, $mimetype);

// Now deposit the package
$dr = $sac->deposit($depositurl, $username, $password, $onbehalfof, $filename, $packageformat, $pacakgecontenttype);

Please send requests or leave a comment for features for the next version.ok-neo.ru

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