SWORD PHP Library version 0.9 released + moved to github

I have just released version 0.9 of the SWORD PHP library. It has a few fixes and changes, the most noteworthy being:

  • Changed swordappservicedocument to build the servcedocument from the xml response rather than having the swordappclient do the work. This allows the service document to be parsed at a later time.
  • Changed the swordappclient deposit method to stream the file being deposited straight from disk rather than via memory to avoid using excessive memory and potentially exceeding the PHP memory limit. I’ve successfully tested this against DSpace with deposits of 600MB CD images.
  • Added some validation to the SWAP/METS packager to allow it to cope with filenames and metadata containing ampersands

These changes have come about following bug reports from other users of the code, and from some enhancements we needed for an exciting configurable SWORD web client that we’ll be unleashing on the world in the next week or two from the University of Auckland Library.

An important change is that the new code is now stored in a git repository at github (although it can still be downloaded from http://php.swordapp.org/):

I’m new to git, so if anyone who knows git better than I do notices that I’m not using in an optimal way, I’d love to hear about it.vzlomat-whatsapp.com

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