Daily Archives: October 30, 2009

Displaying citation counts in DSpace

In the repository world we’ve known for a while now that unless the repository provides value to a researcher, they won’t use it. Nothing pleases a researcher more than to see nice big citation counts for their papers. Wouldn’t it be nice if DSpace repositories could display the citation count for archived papers?


I received an email yesterday about the Scopus API, so thought I’d play with it for a bit of a ‘Friday afternoon experiment’. So here is a quick recipe for adding citation counts to DSpace’s JSPUI:

  1. Register for the Scopus API service: http://searchapi.scopus.com/
  2. Register your website (e.g. http://dspace.example.com/): https://searchapi.scopus.com/developerProfile.url
  3. Download and save this patch (it only edits two files – display-item.jsp and header-default.jsp)
  4. Edit the patch and insert your developer ID where you see XXXXXXXXXXX in the Javascript
  5. Apply the patch to your DSpace instance
  6. Re-build, and redeploy your DSpace instance
  7. Visit any item that has a DOI stored in the dc.identifier.doi field
  8. Look out for the citation count appearing at the top (if the item has a count of more than 0!)