SWORD workshop at OR10

As a member of the JISC funded SWORD project I’ll be giving a 2 hour workshop about SWORD at the Open Repositories 2010 conference (Friday July 9th, 2:!5-4:30 pm). The intention of the workshop is to provide a practical hands-on introduction to SWORD.

An overview of the proposed programme has been posted on the OR10 website:

SWORD hands-on workshop: Adding SWORD to your repository armoury
Have you heard about SWORD but are unsure of why or how you should use it? This hands-on workshop will provide a gentle introduction to SWORD, some examples of how it can be used, and if you have a laptop you can try out some SWORD clients and have a go at making your own using an online SWORD client creation toolkit. This workshop will cover:
  • An overview of SWORD
  • What it does
  • How it works
  • Use cases for SWORD
  • How you could use SWORD
  • Have a go at making some deposits to different repositories using some SWORD clients
  • Deposit to multiple repository platforms
  • Try a few different clients
  • Build your own custom deposit interface using SWORD and the EasyDeposit SWORD client toolkit
  • Customise your own installation of EasyDeposit
  • Explore the possibilities of EasyDeposit by trying different options, and optionally by creating new steps

If you’re going to be attending OR10, and would like to know more about SWORD then please come along. If there is anything in particular that you would like the session to cover, please leave a comment so that we can ensure the workshop meets your requirements. Thanks!

(If you’re not going to be there, we’re hoping to make the materials available online afterwards.)hackagent.ru

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