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One of the classic use cases for SWORD is deposit to multiple repositories at once. This could be used if a researcher has to deposit copies of their work to both an institutional repository and a funder’s repository, and also perhaps a subject-based repository. (In ‘real life’ this use case is not so far in widespread use (if at all?) because we’re still in a position where it is hard to convince potential depositors to deposit into one repository, let alone multiple repositories.)

However, I have now added a multiple deposit function to the EasyDeposit SWORD client. For those of you unfamiliar with EasyDeposit, it is an online tool that allows you to configure your own SWORD client. It is intended that you run multiple copies of EasyDeposit and configure each for a specific tailored use, such as thesis deposit, journal deposit, multiple deposit etc. The deposit process is made up of a set of ‘steps’ which you can configure and change into a preferred order to make your chosen client. This makes it easy to change the submission process from asking for files to be uploaded then having the user enter metadata, to the other way around with a couple of clicks in the administration interface.

The new multiple deposit functionality allows the administrator to ‘hard code’ the details of a set of repositories, and upon completion of the deposit process the item is deposited into each of those repositories. EasyDeposit has been designed with extensibility in mind, so if you wish to write your own ‘steps’, for example to allow the depositor to select which repositories from a given list they would like to deposit into, this is easy and straightforward to write in PHP.

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