The SWORD course slides now online

As part of the JISC-funded SWORD 3 project, I created ‘The SWORD Course’ and presented it during a two hour workshop at the recent Open Repositories 2010 conference in Madrid. The aim of the course was to empower repository managers and repository developers who knew what SWORD was, but who are not currently using it, to be able to go back to their institutions and start using it.
The course, entitled ‘Adding SWORD To Your Repository Armoury’ is made up of 5 modules:
  1. An Introduction to SWORD: Gives an overview of SWORD, the rationale behind its creation, and details of the first three funded SWORD projects
  2. SWORD Use Cases: Provides an introduction to use cases, and examines some of the use cases that SWORD can be used for
  3. How SWORD Works: A high level overview of the SWORD protocol, lightly touching on a few technical details in order to explain how it works
  4. SWORD Clients: The reasons for needing SWORD clients are shown, followed by a tour of some of the current SWORD clients
  5. Create Your Own SWORD Client: An overview of the EasyDeposit SWORD client creation toolkit, including the chance to try it out

The slides from each presentation have now been uploaded to Slideshare with a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Sharealike licence. The workshop was video recorded too, and hopefully this will be posted online some soon too.

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