The SWORD course videos now online

I recently blogged about ‘The SWORD Course’, as the slides had been put onto slideshare.  Now, thanks to UKOLN’s Adrian Stevenson, the videos are now available too:

  1. An Introduction to SWORD: Gives an overview of SWORD, the rationale behind its creation, and details of the first three funded SWORD projects
  2. SWORD Use Cases: Provides an introduction to use cases, and examines some of the use cases that SWORD can be used for
  3. How SWORD Works: A high level overview of the SWORD protocol, lightly touching on a few technical details in order to explain how it works
  4. SWORD Clients: The reasons for needing SWORD clients are shown, followed by a tour of some of the current SWORD clients
  5. Create Your Own SWORD Client: An overview of the EasyDeposit SWORD client creation toolkit, including the chance to try it out

The complete set of videos can be found at racer

2 thoughts on “The SWORD course videos now online

  1. David Isaak

    Thank you for posting the SWORD course videos online, they are a very helpful introduction to the topic. One type of case study was not mentioned:

    Do any institutions use a SWORD client for batch importing into their repositories? I am thinking of two possible situations:
    1. A group of packages are already created or
    2. The locations of the files and metadata itself reside in a CSV file.

  2. Stuart Post author

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you found the videos useful. The use case you mentioned has never really been one of the main use cases used to promote SWORD, however is a valid one. One project I worked on in the past used this method to bulk import content into DSpace, EPrints, and Fedora repositories. We chose that method as it allowed us to use a single bulk loading mechanism for all three repository platforms, without having to write individual submission packages for each.



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