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This blog has been pretty quiet over the past few months.  There are a few reasons for that!

First, I’ve been working in my spare time as the Community Manager for the new JISC-funded ‘SWORD v2‘ project.  The role is partially project-manager (in terms of paperwork, project plans, etc), but mostly community management (managing email lists, creating a panel of experts, maintaining a web site, writing blog posts, creating a wikipedia entry, sending twitter updates etc).

In addition, I was commissioned to write a couple of pieces for IBM’s ‘DeveloperWorks’ web site:

  • Technical standards in education, Part 3: Open repositories for scholarly communication
    Enhancing access to research: Universities and research institutions use open repositories to enhance how they manage the outputs of their research activities, and make that research available to a worldwide audience. This article outlines the history and challenges of scholarly communication in today’s open environment. It describes some of the different standards and technical challenges relating to collecting, storing, preserving, transferring, and providing access to research using open repositories.
  • Technical standards in education, Part 4: Interoperable resource deposit using SWORD
    Using the SWORD protocol to deposit content into heterogeneous repositories: Open repositories are becoming a key component of the scholarly communication landscape as they allow cutting edge research to reach wider audiences. For open repositories to work effectively, they must make use of common standards to interoperate. A repository ingests new content, either through its own user interface or through a web service. The Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit (SWORD) protocol is the standard by which most open repositories allow remote deposit. This article describes the SWORD protocol, why it was developed, possible use cases, and an overview of how it works.

These two articles are part of a series ‘Technical standards in education‘.аутсорсинг интернет магазина

2 thoughts on “Recent writing

  1. Amanda

    I would have liked to read these articles but the links on IBM site are broken. Boo. Any chance I could get them another way? cheers! :o)

  2. Stuart Post author

    Hi Amanda – thanks for spotting that. Looks like the IBM website isn’t feeling too well today. I’ve made links from the titles of each piece now, so hopefully they’ll work for you. Thanks, Stuart.

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