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Android SWORD deposit mobile app

As part of the Open Repositories 2011 Developers Challenge, our team submitted a few different prototypes that formed our vision of ‘The Future of Repositories’.  Our whole entry centered around the theme of ‘Raas’, or ‘Repository as a Service’.  The notion of RaaS included the ability for the Repository become a commodity which could be switched in and out of our infrastructure.  In order for this to happen we required interoperability at multiple levels – we demonstrated two: ingest (using SWORD) and discovery (using Solr).

One of the prototypes was a new deposit application using SWORD.  It was written for the Android mobile operating system, and was designed to deposit photographs into repositories.  The use case for this is for social scientists who want to capture photographs straight into trusted storage – a repository.  One of the benefits of taking photographs with mobile phones is that they are usually now geo-tagged using the in-built GPS functionality to stamp the photo with the location where it was taken.  Of course the modern smartphone is a great data collection device, and could be used to capture many different kids of data, ready for deposit.  The notion of ‘citizen science‘ could come in to play here with a large set of distributed data collection devices in the pockets of millions of cell phone users.

Android has a nice ‘Share’ system, where applications are able to share files with one another.  If you take a photo or look at one in the photo gallery application, you should be able to find the ‘Share’ option.  From here you can share the photo with applications that know how to consume photos, such as posting to Facebook, sending as email attachements, or adding to tweets on Twitter.  Using our new application called ‘SWORD Share’, you can now deposit the photos into a repository!

If you have an Android phone, launch the marketplace application, and search for ‘sword share’.  Alternatively visit or scan the QR code.

When you launch the application you’ll be prompted to enter your SWORD server details: Author name, username, password, and the deposit URL.  If you don’t have easy access to a repository, you could try depositing to the DSpace Demo Server.  Use the following details: Name: Your name, Username:, Password: dspace, Deposit URL:

You will then be able to ‘share’ a photo you have taken, and a username and password, and deposit it to the repository.  Once the deposit has finished, you’ll be given the URL of the deposited item.  Just one thing to note if you use the system: It looks like the handle server isn’t currently running on that server, therefore if you receive a URL back such as{12345}, to see your item, instead visit{12345}.

I’d be interested to hear about your ideas for the application, and if it worked OK for you!

Of course the code is open source, and housed in github.авито москва объявления