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Back in the UK

This is just a quick blog post to say that I am now back in the UK, following almost three wonderful years in Auckland, New Zealand at The University of Auckland.

Having worked in England and Wales, this time I’ll be in Scotland, as the Head of Digital Library Services at the University of Edinburgh.  This role currently encompasses acquisitions, metadata, e-resources, digital library development, information systems, repositories, and research publications.  Exciting new areas such as research data management are also on the cards.

I’m very much looking forward to working in the UK, and meeting up with ex collaborators, colleagues, and friends.

Edinburgh is of course the host venue for this year’s Open Repositories conference, so I hope to see many of you there!ru-dota2.ru

New job, New Zealand

This is a quick blog post to mark the fact that I have now moved to New Zealand. Up until the end of February I was working for Information Services at Aberystwyth University as a team leader, project manager, repository developer, and JISC project person. Following a week of holiday in the UK, I have now moved to Auckland in New Zealand along with my wife and two young children.

I am now working as a programmer in the Digital Services Team at the University of Auckland Library. The team is a multi-disciplined group of people working on all things digital within the library. As the biggest university in New Zealand, this involves many dozens of projects and lots of new and exciting things. In the five days I have been working here already, I have already started working with EAD xsl files for DigiTool, extraction of XMD metadata from PDF files, DSpace item migration tools, and research management systems. Lots of new fun stuff to learn about!

No doubt there will be many more blog posts on my work as it develops further.сайт