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It’s raining docs – Hallelujah!

I came across a great little tool today: Precipitate (via the Google Mac Blog). It’s a bit of software from Google for Macs which allows the Mac OS X spotlight tool (a tool for indexing and searching files) to index and then open Google Docs. Called ‘Precipitate’ because like rain “it comes from the cloud” where Google stores it docs. So if you are a user of Google docs it performs a useful task.

It made me think a bit though about what else we could usefully make Spotlight search. Our repositories, or our own stuff in our repositories? Would this go a small way towards the issue of getting the repository into the workflow of depositors? Or how about other information silos such as SharePoint? Precipitate is released as open source software, so if I ever get the time(!) I might have play.коэффициент конверсии формула